What is Personalized Learning?

Great teachers already know that students have different learning styles and learn at different paces—what works for one student does not necessarily work for the rest of the class. Personalized learning offers a new vision for education—one in which students become the center of the learning environment, and where students and teachers work together towards students’ individual learning goals.




the promise of personalized Learning for students



With only eighty percent of Delaware students graduating from high school and more than half of Delawareans who enroll in Delaware public colleges requiring remedial coursework, it’s clear that the current system does not work for all students. Furthermore, Delaware students lag behind their peers in other states, with persistent achievement gaps between ethnic groups and students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, mirroring national trends.

The world is changing faster than ever, and we need to be sure that our students are prepared for a rapidly-changing environment once they leave school. Personalized learning and advancements in technology have the potential to empower students to take greater ownership over their learning and to empower teachers to personalize learning based on individual students’ needs. Personalized learning models encourage all students to grow to their full potential and leave school prepared for meaningful futures.

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