The Rodel Foundation creates and leads diverse statewide partnerships that inspire action. We are dedicated to supporting communities, educators, policymakers, and others who are working to improve the education ecosystem in Delaware, and providing opportunities for diverse viewpoints to be shared and elevated. The challenges are big and complex; however, as a community, we can solidify our collective gains, accelerate Delaware’s momentum, and make sure that every student in Delaware – regardless of zip code – has access to a world-class education.

Here are a few examples of partnerships that we have helped to coordinate:

In 2006, Rodel brought together a diverse range of Delaware public education stakeholder groups–thousands of people–for a series of discussions with the goal of developing a shared plan to improve public schools, resulting in the Vision 2015 plan to provide world-class education to all public school students in Delaware. Leaders from those conversations established the Vision Coalition of Delaware to collectively work to make world-class schools a reality. The composition, strength, and influence of the Vision Coalition has enabled the state to make great strides toward world class schools.With movement on 75% of the Vision 2015 plan recommendations’, the coalition engaged 4,000 Delawareans to develop a new vision to better prepare students for a lifetime of success. This vision, Student Success 2025, was released in September 2015.

In 2006, Rodel began working with the Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee (DBREC), a nonprofit comprised of representatives from several Delaware Business Roundtable member companies. This group is committed to helping support Vision Coalition priorities, strategically aligning the Roundtable members’ giving for greater collective impact. In particular, DBREC has financially contributed to early childhood initiatives such as Delaware Stars early learning quality rating system, the LEAD Cost Efficiency Study, additional capacity for the state’s Race to the Top and Early Learning Challenge planning, Delaware education nonprofit organizations, and the annual Vision Coalition conferences.

These partnerships and others have allowed Delaware to make great progress toward many of its goals – including increasing student learning. We still have a long way to go to reach every Delaware student, and the collective work continues to make sure that today’s students are college and career ready tomorrow. For a list of education organizations in Delaware and nationally, click here.

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