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As a nonprofit with the goal of helping Delaware build world-class schools by 2020, the Rodel Foundation of Delaware works to implement this vision in many ways:

We promote policy changes that can have a huge impact statewide, like raising academic standards, using timely data to make decisions, and investing in our youngest learners.

We provide seed funding to innovative, potentially high-impact initiatives, like the Vision Network of Delaware, which supports more than two dozen district and public charter schools. Whether ideas come from Seaford or Singapore, our strategy is simple: do more of what works.

We help create and lead diverse statewide partnerships that catalyze action, including the Vision Coalition of Delaware, one of the most enduring and effective public-private partnerships of its kind in the country.

We are dedicated to supporting the communities, educators, policymakers, and others who are doing this hard work. The challenges we face are not small, and the solutions are not easy. However, we believe every child in Delaware deserves our best efforts to provide them with a world-class education.

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