“The Future of Learning” for Delaware

Author: Brittany Mason

About a week ago, we co-hosted a public event with 2Revolutions, “The Future of Learning: How Delaware can personalize education to catalyze further innovation and excellence.”  This interactive workshop, which took place in both Wilmington and Dover, featured promising national models and lessons learned-and how they apply here in our state. The event participants explored innovative practices and policies, enabling conditions for success, and outline how we can design and catalyze them in Delaware.

We believe that by building on strong instructional practices like data-driven decision making and differentiation, personalized learning offers an opportunity to redesign our learning environments so that individual students are at the center. We support Delaware schools, and welcome opportunities where we can further help support cutting-edge, student-focused strategies. For more information about personalized learning, read our “Personalized Learning: 101” brief.

In case you weren’t able to attend this workshop, below are some documents from the event that you may find helpful. 



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