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The landscape analysis suggests that college and career are often seen as two distinct postsecondary options, and that college and career preparation are separate from one another. However, college and career readiness supports are most effective when they recognize that college and careers are linked: All young people are headed for careers, and postsecondary degrees and credentials are prerequisite for an ever-growing number of jobs. Supporting Postsecondary Success in Delaware: A Landscape Analysis of Student Opportunities

Supporting Postsecondary Success in Delaware: A Landscape Analysis of Student Opportunities (December 2017)

Delaware has emerged as a national leader among states working to improve postsecondary education and career outcomes for young people. While impressive initiatives and policies are in place at the state level, the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, United Way of Delaware, Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee and Delaware Community Foundation alongside local and national partners, asked a critical question for which they did not have a ready answer: How well are college and career readiness, advising, and support services supporting students across the state?


Check out the Executive Summary and Full Report for details.

Propelling College and Career Success: The Role of Strategic Partnerships in Scaling Delaware Pathways

A student who is college and career ready has the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and in the workplace. Over the past several years, Delaware has invested in initiatives to track and increase college access and readiness, with the aim of providing all students with the option of attaining a professional certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree.

Rodel has been one of many partners involved in the development of Delaware Pathways. We also support efforts to provide students with the skills, knowledge, experience, and information to be successful after high school.

Five years ago, Jobs for the Future and the Harvard Graduate School of Education launched the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a collaboration of states and regions developing college and career pathways for all students.

In order to understand key challenges and promising practices related to this systems-level work, the Pathways to Prosperity Network is publishing a case study series spotlighting the impressive progress of Network members, including Delaware, a state that has successfully developed a grades 9-14+ pathways system through its strong commitment to cross-sector collaboration.

Propelling College and Career Success: The Role of Strategic Partnerships in Scaling Delaware Pathways distills key lessons and insights that can inform other state and regional efforts.






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Check out the Rodel blog for more information!


Other College and Career Preparation Resources:

  • Delaware Pathways (2016): A collaboration between Delaware school districts, higher education institutions, businesses, and nonprofits aimed at equipping Delaware students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully transition to high-growth, high-demand occupations.
  • Delaware Goes to College (2016): The Delaware Department of Education’s (DDOE) Higher Education Office website focused on increasing college access and success, college affordability, higher education partnerships, and communicating this work to parents and students.
  • SPARC Delaware (2016): A collaborative effort of the DDOE, Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee and United Way of Delaware that encourages connections between local employers and young people exploring their career options.
  • Strategic Data Project College Going Diagnostic (2013): Using six years of data from DDOE and the National Student Clearinghouse, the diagnostic examines students’ progression through high school, how well they stay on track for graduation, and whether they enroll and persist in postsecondary education.
  • Delaware Student Assessment Reporting and Analysis for the Public (DSARA). Updated annually, this resources offers current results for both the Smarter Balance and SAT assessments.
  • College Board 2017 State and District Integrated Report: Delaware Public Schools. (2017). This resources provides the latest results for how Delaware performed on the SAT, PSAT, and AP courses.


Ways to get involved:

Students, parents, and employers can take advantage of the various programs and advocacy opportunities available for helping students get prepared for college and career.  

  • Explore careers with Delaware Pathways. See what Pathways are available at which schools, how students can get hands-on, work-based learning experience or information on how parents can support students in career training.
  • Get connected with local employers and college prep information. SPARC offers employers the opportunity to share their company profile so they can promote careers and build visibility and community involvement. Students and parents can get information on everything they need to get work experience and prepare for college using the SPARC web-based platform.
  • Advocate for your students. Attend a P-20 Council meeting to learn how your state is supporting Delaware education efforts from all grade levels (including post-secondary).
  • Make sure your student is college ready. Check out the Delaware Goes to College website for ways to support students in applying for college, paying for college, and planning for a successful career.  


Other Delaware-Specific Resources:


Other Delaware Resources:

Provided below is a non-exhaustive list of community-based organizations working to support high school aged and/or young adults in college and/or preparation, counseling supports, tutoring, and social and emotional supports. Check out this larger list of local and national education organizations here.

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