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Operations Assistant, Rodel Foundation of Delaware
The Rodel Foundation of Delaware is seeking a flexible and experienced Operations Assistant to provide front office and administrative support to the Rodel team. The Operations Assistant will be responsible for managing complex calendars comprised of varied and frequently shifting commitments, creating expense reports and reconciling credit card statements, and occasionally providing event or meeting support. The position will report to the Director of Operations and will interact with all aspects of the Foundation.
More information and application instruction here.

Associate Secretary, Academic Support, Department of Education
The Delaware Department of Education is in search of a Associate Secretary for the Academic Support Team. This person is directly responsible for many of Delaware’s most critical efforts including increasing the rigor of coursework and learning statewide, overseeing our student assessment system and implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The Associate Secretary will report directly to the Deputy Secretary of Education as a core member of the department’s leadership team and represent the Department of Education on a number of key committees.
More information and application instruction here.

Education Associate, Title Programs and Grant Support & Education Associate, Title Programs and Consolidated Grant, Department of Education
We are currently recruiting for two Education Associate positions in the Title Programs and Grant Support workgroup. These positions will be responsible for the programmatic and fiscal management of federal and/or state programs, such as Title II Part A, Title IV Part A, State Curriculum and Professional Development, or the Opportunity Grant. The Education Associates are responsible for the creation of technical assistance resources reflective of state and federal statutes and provide technical assistance supports to local education agencies (LEAs).
More information and application instruction here.

Deputy Secretary of Education, Department of Education
The Delaware Department of Education is an exceptional team in search of leaders to join us who are team and support-focused. We are looking for a Deputy Secretary of Education who is an instructional leader and support the department’s vision of every learner ready for success, in college, career and life. This person must also be able to navigate the educational landscape of Delaware, and work well with districts, charter schools, educators, students, families, and community members.
More information and application instruction here.

Tyler’s Camp Dean of Students, SummerCollab
The Dean of Students works with campsites during the summertime to support camper behavior throughout the program day and will primarily work with Tier III behaviors (behaviors that do not align with the camp’s code of conduct and impact learning). By facilitating individual and small group interventions for these behaviors, the Dean will provide campers with the coping strategies necessary to maneuver the program day successfully. The Dean is responsible for tracking the progress of students in the intervention program, and making data-based decisions about appropriate next steps for students.
More information and application instruction here.

Teacher Counselors, SummerCollab
Teacher Counselors will receive training on curriculum, classroom best practices and behavior management techniques prior to the start of summer. This training aims to equip Teacher Counselors with hands-on encounters with the curriculum, as well as behavior management simulations to prepare them for real classroom situations. Through this fellowship, Teacher Counselors will develop the strategies and skills necessary to effectively manage a classroom of students in the summer months and beyond.
More information and application instruction here.

Strive Facilitator, SummerCollab
Strive Facilitators will attend a three day training run by Strive leadership in Wilmington. This training will equip Facilitators to effectively deliver curriculum and create an intentional culture of achievement. Strive believes “How You Lead Matters,” and its leaders are dedicated to spreading the power of character-driver leadership. STRIVE partners with young people and adults across the United States to develop character leaders and build unique, conscious cultures.
More information and application instruction here.

Behavior Dean, SummerCollab
The Behavior Dean supports and assists the overall behavior management system at a member site. Behavior Deans proactively address behavior concerns, manage interruptive behavior, troubleshoot behavioral causes, and provide feedback to staff for best behavior management practices on a camper-by-camper basis. The Behavior Dean will support Teacher Counselors in the program space, when warranted, to help lessons or recreational programming continue, and subsequently run short-term behavior interventions.
More information and application instruction here.

Program Dean, SummerCollab
The Program Dean is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations at a specific site. The Program Dean ensures that the vision and mission set by the Camp Leader and Program Coach is executed with fidelity throughout the summer months. In order to manage this effectively, the Program Dean will work with the Camp Leader and Program Coach in the pre-season (March-June) to design systems that will drive a high quality, engaging learning environment. This will include reading and behavior systems that align to the specific needs of their camp.
More information and application instruction here.

Reading Specialist, SummerCollab
The Reading Specialist executes the literacy intervention program while supervising the work of Reading Corps Members one of SummerCollab’s partner sites. The Reading Specialist is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the reading intervention program including the coordination of supplies, creation of schedules for the Reading Corps Members and supervising the execution of the reading intervention program. The Reading Specialist will track both student and Reading Corps Member progress throughout the summer, making necessary adjustments to schedules and interventions as changes arise.
More information and application instruction here.

Tyler’s Camp Reading Specialist, SummerCollab
The Tyler’s Camp Reading Specialist will oversee and manage the implementation of reading program on site. They will give technology support as needed, prepare supplies, copies, and operational needs associated with executing the reading program. Additionally, the Reading Specialist will review, collect, and analyze data and overall progress of students. They will support with data collection across camp related reading, sense of self, and productive struggle as needed, as well as provide feedback to teachers and instructors as appropriate on site to support with overall academic and learning growth of kids on site.
More information and application instruction here.

EXPLO Studios Instructor, SummerCollab
EXPLO Studios Instructors will attend a three day training run by EXPLO Studios here in Wilmington. EXPLO is a national leader in student engagement based out of Norwood, Massachusetts. It is an organization with a dynamic global community of students and faculty that promotes creativity, engagement and intellectual daring. Tyler’s Camp EXPLO Studios instructors will learn about EXPLO’s curricular approach, gaining access to their world – class teacher training – which seeks to enhance creativity and engagement in classrooms.
More information and application instruction here.

Academic Director, First State Squash
First State Squash seeks a dynamic full-time Academic Director to begin December 2017. The Academic Director will supervise daily tutoring sessions, develop and implement suitable enrichment material, manage classroom space and initiate and maintain professional relationships with student teachers, principals and parents. Over the course of the year, the Academic Director will run the after-school tutoring sessions starting with students in 6 th -8 th grades. As the program grows, the Academic Director will be responsible for new grade levels. As a member of the program team, the Academic Director will collaborate with other program staff to ensure a fully integrated approach to First State Squash’s academic, sport, and character development programs and will report to the Executive Director.
More information and application instruction here.

School Nurse, Academia Antonia Alonso
La Academia Antonia Alonso is seeking high-energy, visionary, and dynamic school nurse to join their staff. The school nurse will be responsible for providing health care and administers prescribed medications for the school, keeping accurate health records on all students, and supervising compliance with immunizations and communicable disease regulations.
More information and application instruction here.

Janitor – Part Time, Academia Antonia Alonso
The person who will assume the position of school janitor is accepting a very important role in the functioning of our school. The school janitor will be responsible for the cleaning and care of our school while creating a safe and positive environment for our staff and students.
More information and application instruction here.

Paraprofessional – Elementary Education, Academia Antonia Alonso
La Academia Antonia Alonso is seeking high-energy, visionary, and dynamic paraprofessional to join their staff. The paraprofessional will  be responsible for collaborating with the teacher in the planning and development of activities, working with students in a variety of grouping structures including individual, small group, or total group settings as prescribed by instructional programs, and using initiative and common sense to solve problems.
More information and application instruction here.

Operations Manager, Academia Antonia Alonso
This position is responsible for supporting the School Leader in managing all aspects of school operations. This work includes budget and finance, information technology support, child nutrition management, transportation management, and facilities management. This position will work in collaboration with the School Leader and charter school finance specialists.
More information and application instruction here.

Middle School/High School Teachers, Great Oaks Charter School
Great Oaks Charter School is seeking Middle School/High School Teachers to drive student outcomes by aligning planning to the Common Core Standards, maintain strong classroom and school culture by clearly and consistently communicating and upholding school rules, values, and expectations and plan a rigorous curriculum and deliver strong instruction by demonstrating solid knowledge and understanding of the content matter.
More information and application instruction here.

Delaware is an exceptional state in search of exceptional teachers and leaders. The state is at the forefront of cutting-edge education reform and uniquely positioned to be a model for the nation. Education stakeholders are committed to transforming Delaware into the best education system in the country, and we need world-class teachers and leaders to pull it off. To learn more about teaching and leading opportunities within Delaware schools, please visit

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