Legislative Hall Pass: Compulsory Education Bills Aim to Curb Dropouts

Neil Kirschling

  Discouraging drop-outs is a hot topic in Delaware this year, and one way that policymakers are seeking to accomplish this is by amending the state’s compulsory education law—the law that defines the age range in which a student is required to attend school or some other equivalent education program. Currently in Delaware, children are […]

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Can Personalized Learning Defray the Cost of Special Education?

Rachel Wiggans Chan

  Special education costs nearly twice as much as regular classroom education, but early intervention can decrease special education costs by 40 percent. Scrapping the one-size-fits-all education system we have today and replacing it with an individualized approach may be just what’s needed to meet every students’ needs and maximize student success. Special education aims […]

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How Dropping Out Leads to Lost Economic Potential

Rachel Wiggans Chan

  The lost economic potential of high school dropouts is no joke for Delaware’s economy. Typically, high school dropouts earn $8,000 less annually, compared to high school graduates. In Delaware, high school dropouts are twice as likely as high school graduates and six times as likely as college graduates to live in poverty. Why are […]

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The Dangers of Chronic Absenteeism

Shyanne Miller

  If students are not in school, they are not learning. That is the main issue behind chronic absenteeism, which has serious implications for student success. Students that are chronically absent are at a higher risk of failing academically or dropping out.   What it is Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing at least 10 […]

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3 Things I Learned From ECET2

Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Blog post by Shani Benson, third grade inclusion teacher at South Dover Elementary Last Saturday, my fellow Rodel Teacher Council members and I hosted ECET2 Delaware: Connecting Innovative Educators. Our goal was to provide a teacher-led professional development opportunity while celebrating the outstanding and tireless work that teachers do. In all, we had three keynote […]

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