Spotlight on Student Access to Great Teachers

Liz Hoyt

The Obama administration recently unveiled “Excellent Educators for All,” a 50-State Strategy to address teacher equity. The initiative seeks to tackle a complex issue and ensure that all students, regardless of income or race, have equitable access to excellent teachers. The new initiative means three big things for states: 1. Individual Plans: States will create […]

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Delaware’s 2013-14 State Assessment Results

Liz Hoyt

This year’s results for the Delaware state-wide assessment, Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS) were released late last week, providing Delaware with a snapshot progress report of student achievement, and where Delaware stands on the path toward greatness. The preliminary results, presented at Thursday’s State Board of Education meeting, show that that as a state, Delaware […]

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Good News for wi-fi and High-Speed Internet, Bad News for Pagers

Matthew Korobkin

I remember 1996 pretty well. Bill Clinton was president. Apple was a near-doomed computer company. We had no idea that Y2K was headed our way. And I had a pager. Yes, I was a “wanna-be cool kid” in middle school, discreetly excusing myself to use the bathroom when I was in fact using the payphone […]

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Delaware’s Future Ed Leader Summer Program

Neil Kirschling

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Paul for a discussion with this summer’s Delaware Department of Education’s Future Ed Leaders, a group of promising leaders who are passionate about education and want to gain hands-on exposure to policy work here in the state. It was a very […]

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Reimagining Learning: Richard Culatta TEDx Talk

Rachel Wiggans Chan

This summer the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is providing an online professional development course through eLearning Delaware called “Personalized Learning 101.” eLearning Delaware is the DDOE’s online platform for professional development for educators. The course is focused on introducing the concept of personalized learning to teachers, DDOE staff, and others by providing resources, fostering […]

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