Introducing the Legislative Hall Pass: Crunching the Numbers on Delaware’s Education Budget

Melissa Hopkins and Neil Kirschling

  With elections far off in the rearview mirror, inaugurations wrapped, and cabinet members trickling their way into position, the real work is set to begin in earnest for elected officials, and especially the 149th Delaware General Assembly. Looming over the new session is yet another tough budgetary situation: Projections show that Delaware faces a […]

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Digging Deeper: Are Delaware Students Safe and Engaged?

Shyanne Miller

  Academic achievement is but one aspect of student success. To develop the “whole child” we must also nurture a student’s social and emotional skills. Research shows that a positive school climate impacts both academic achievement and the development of social and emotional skills. As recent concerns about school safety intensify, a stronger focus on […]

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A Wholehearted Approach to Learning

Paul Herdman

A few years ago, my fellow members of the Vision Coalition and I began reaching out to Delawareans. We wanted to hear what they thought a well-educated young person would need to know and be able to do in the year 2025. What we heard from more than 4,000 people was not surprising. People told […]

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The Importance of Employability Skills

Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Blog post by Jermaine Williams, cooperative employment coordinator at St. Georges Technical High School and Rodel Teacher Council member As the cooperative employment coordinator at St. Georges Technical High School, my job, in conjunction with our career and technical instructors, is to usher our senior students out into the working world as employed adults. It’s […]

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How the “Whole Child” Approach is Transforming Education in Delaware

Neil Kirschling and Rachel Wiggans Chan

As concerns about over-testing and overemphasizing test scores persist, the “whole child” approach to education is gaining ground. The non-academic attributes that prepare young people for success in the real world—think character, grit, and growth mindset—are beginning to take a more prominent place in the education reform conversation. A new focus on the whole child […]

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