Delaware Sustains Investments in State Model Pathways

Shyanne Miller

  On the heels of a national case study that positions Delaware as a national leader in preparing young people for life after high school—the Delaware Pathways continues to expand to provide opportunities for students. Earlier this week, Secretary of Education Susan Bunting announced $400,000 in grant funding to support new high school pathway programs. […]

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Delaware: The Next Switzerland?

Paul Herdman

Every state in the country—Delaware included—is hard at work trying to reinvent their economy. Automation and globalization have flipped the labor market upside down. The added challenge is that just about every living-wage job is going to need some training beyond high school.   For the last several years, the Rodel team and many, many […]

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Reflections from “Principal for a Day 2017″

Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Madeleine Bayard, Vice President of Policy and Practice Principal: Hekima Wicker Harlan Elementary School Brandywine School District My day at Harlan Elementary School reminded me of the many hats principals wear. One minute Principal Wicker was speaking with students about their needs—ranging from behavioral challenges to the need for an umbrella— and the next he […]

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Talking Delaware English Learners with Oribel McFann-Mora of DELLTA

Neil Kirschling

East Dover Elementary School teacher Oribel McFann-Mora is president of Delaware English Language Learners Teachers and Advocates (DELLTA) and one of the architects of the recently launched Delaware English Learner fact sheet series, along with the Delaware Hispanic Commission, the Arsht-Cannon Fund, and the Rodel Foundation.   We caught up with McFann-Mora to talk about […]

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Delaware’s Learning Curve on English Learners

Neil Kirschling

I studied Spanish throughout the entirety of my schooling. Even after the point when foreign language classes were no longer required for students in my district, I elected to study Spanish every year until I graduated high school. I entered the University of Delaware with a few AP Spanish credits to my name and declared […]

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