Tribute to a Global Teacher

Paul Herdman

Last Friday, a friend and colleague, Lee Sing Kong, passed away from an apparent heart attack at the age of 65. See a story about his passing here.   He was both a horticulturist and an educator. I knew him as the latter in his role as the director of the National Institute for Education […]

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Funding is Fundamental to Progress

Neil Kirschling

  With the state’s budget situation casting a cloud of uncertainty in education (and beyond), the time seems right to take a look at education funding through the lens of something that is more than certain—that student needs have changed drastically since our school funding formula was developed in the 1940s.   We often talk […]

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Digging Deeper: Student Need Grows as Budgets Shrink

Shyanne Miller

  Delaware’s budget crisis has taken quite a toll on education and the state as a whole. At the same time, student needs are growing, with some of our highest-need populations (low-income students, English learners, and students with disabilities) increasing at a faster rate than ever.   With changing demographics and the expanding role of […]

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Recapping RTC Legislative Day

Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Earlier this month, members of the Rodel Teacher Council took a field trip to Legislative Hall in Dover, where they spoke to some of Delaware’s most prominent lawmakers—from Gov. John Carney, to Chief Information Officer Sec. James Collins, to a handful of state congressional leaders. On the agenda were discussions around school broadband connectivity, personalized […]

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Digging Deeper: Why Graduation Rates Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Jenna Bucsak

  It may be stating the obvious, but a high school diploma is not the sole determinant of student success. Instead, we usually need to examine a student’s entire academic career—from kindergarten through 12th grade—to get a picture of how well prepared they are to pursue their interests after high school. Likewise, disparities in academic […]

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